2018 Nuclear Science Day for Scouts

The 2018 Nuclear Science Day for Scouts at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  was held on May 5, 2018.  

This event is designed for youths in grades 8 or higher.  It will begin in Berkeley Lab's main auditorium.  Download our flyer for more information.  Attendance is limited by the size of our facilities.  

The registration deadline has passed.   Scouts were selected for this outreach event by a random drawing for the available slots. 

For those scouts that are accepted (Please note these instructions will be updated):
  • This year's information pack on the logistics (driving directions, parking, check-in time, and so much more).
  • Each vehicle entering the LBNL site should have a copy of the confirmation email that they receive, or there could be delay for your troop to enter the Laboratory ground.  
  • All participants (adult volunteers and youths) must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.  Participants will be barred from certain activities, if the dress code is not followed.  This is mandated by laboratory safety regulations.   
  • Registration for those scouts that have been accepted begins at 9:00 AM at Building 50 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  In order to enter the laboratory, you will need a gate pass that will be sent to you.  In addition, you will find the LBNL campus map in the information package.

  • All participants should bring their own lunches and water bottles.

  • To complete the merit badge requirements, scouts need to fill out this worksheet and return it at the registration desk prior to the start of this event. Please do not use older worksheets as the requirements have changed.

Any LBNL employees can register to help with this event by signing up at this web page.

The volunteers for 2018 were:       
Nicolas Abgrall Vincent Cheung Shyam Dwaraknath Karol Krizka Grazyna Odyniec Doug Taube Marty White
Michael Banda Woon-Seng Choong Ali Hanks Simon Leemann Alan Poon Patricia Thomas Kang Yao
Mark Bandstra Chun Ho Chow Qing Ji Peilian Liu Jorgen Randrup Craig Tindall Anthony Young
Paul Barton Stephanie Collins Charles Johnson Howard Matis Ina Reichel Jeff Troutman
Janilee Benitez Reynold Cooper Tenzing Joshi Laura McCormick Katherine Shield Stan Tuholski
Hendrik Bluhm Heather Crawford Xiangyang Ju Kathryn Meehan Laurie Stephey Joe Vanderlip
Monika Blum Joseph Curtis Michel Kireeff Covo Jordan Myslik Erika Suzuki Ramona Vogt
Javier Caravaca Aleksandra Dimitrievska Matthew Kolaczkowski Eric Norman Joanna Szornel Ashley White

This event is sponsored by the following LBNL units: Nuclear Science Division, Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division, and the Workforce Development and Education.  We have received supplemental funding from the Northern California Chapter of the Health Physics Society and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory